Trauma Informed Yoga

At Hope Bound Collective we strive to improve the quality of life for persons who’ve experienced trauma through offering a compassionate and mindful yoga practice.

Students will experience yoga taught in a safe and empathic environment. Throughout the class or personal session, students will be able to explore their connection with their bodies through the use of interoception and express free choice through their inquiry.

Hope Bound Yoga offers a yoga practice that allows us to deepen our understanding of who we are in relationship to our bodies.  Often past life experiences such as trauma and abuse, fracture our connection with our body and yoga can be a tool that helps us regain that link.


Many survivors of trauma and abuse struggle with their relationship to their bodies through symptoms such as, but not limited to, self-harm, eating disorders, dissociation, self-hatred, bodily disturbances, flashbacks, chronic pain, estrangement from self and others. These symptoms are often byproducts of the harm done to us through trauma and abuse. These significant disturbances, cause dysregulation in a person’s cadence and rhythm of being. Safe and healthy re-connection to our bodies can provide an avenue for regaining self-embodiment, regulation, autonomy, reduction of flashbacks and genuine kindness towards whole-self.

HOW DO I START Trauma Informed Yoga with Anna?

I provide a one hour free of charge consultation for first time students. For information about personal yoga sessions contact me directly anna@hopeboundcollective.com

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