Anna has been one of my all-time favorite teachers since she became registered to teach. She intuitively brings to her class the perfect blend of structure, encouragement and fun. (In fact, she was one of my inspirations to complete my own yoga teacher training!) In addition, Anna’s extensive knowledge about, and deep care and compassion for, those who have suffered trauma make her a preeminent trauma-informed teacher. -Kitty, Former Student
I always looked forward to Yoga classes with Anna. I knew I’d leave class having learned something, feeling stronger and proud of my body. I also always knew I’d be in a safe space with Anna. Somewhere that I always felt accepted even as a beginner. Mandi, Former Student
I started practicing yoga as a last desperate measure to fight a debilitating chronic illness. As an old, out of shape guy, starting yoga was scary, but what could I lose? Thanks to teachers like Anna Smith, I felt welcome, never out of place, and was reassured I could do anything. Anna, for example, was always warm and welcoming with us all without distinction, and she made sure I was always part of the class. She has a unique light and a big heart. She’s missed by us, her students. Namaste y’all! Josep, Former Student