Our Theory of Approach

“Complex trauma is a phenomenon of having one’s experience held hostage to the whims of an external force, namely, another person. Power is largely externalized in the form of that other person. Healing trauma involves reclaiming the locus of control and, therefore, the validity of one’s own felt experience.” -David Emerson, Author of Trauma-Sensitive Yoga in Therapy

At Hope Bound Collective our theory of yoga and counseling is understood through the lens of trauma theory, attachment, and knowledge of neuroscience. Studies suggest that trauma-informed yoga combined with psychotherapy can improve person’s reorientation to their bodies, which can aid in trauma survivors healing and empowerment.


  • increase body awareness and overall visceral feeling

  • tools for breath regulation, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system

  • safe and calm mind/body engagement

  • grounding techniques to cope with anxiety and dissociation

  • increased mindfulness and befriending of the body

  • empowerment of personal body autonomy

  • education and understanding of mind-body connection

  • experience in the practice of personal introspection