Meet Our Team

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Anna Smith, RP, MSW, RYT500 & Co-founder

Hey There. So glad you stopped by to say hello. Let me introduce myself, I’m Anna.  In this life, I adore a number of things, one being sunrises accompanied by my husband Chris, my daughter Asha and our dog Moses. I have a fascination with hippopotamuses, but we won’t get into that just yet. I’m a pour over coffee connoisseur. And in my garden, I grow Drift Roses (of all things).

I’m a social worker through and through and also a slight geek. After receiving my undergraduate degree in social work and religious studies, I graduated with my Master of Social Work from East Carolina University in 2016.  I’m a 500 hour yoga teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance. I’ve enjoyed teaching since 2014! I received my 200 hour training through the Kunga Yoga Lifestyle Teacher Training and my 300 hour training Kunga Yoga Therapeutic Essentials Teacher Training, taught at The Wilmington Yoga Center. Becoming a yoga teacher shifted my perspective on trauma healing. I’ve since trained with trauma informed yoga experts such as David Emerson, Hala Khouri and Kristin Cooper.  I’ve also trained underneath Dr. Dan Allender another leader in treating sexual trauma.

In 2012, my life drastically changed when I started regular therapy to deal with the aftermath of a traumatic childhood and a history of profound sexual harm. There in the midst of deep heartache, I met myself in a new way and found that healing is possible. I’ve learned, it’s not an easy road, but a rich and glorious one.

Along the way I’ve met a lot of people and one question I get asked often, is what led you into the place you are now? It’s a reasonable question to ask, but it’s one I often fumble through. There is no straight answer. See, there are many reasons as to how and why I am here. Learning the real answers to that question are like a good sunrise, you’ve got to sit in the dark, wait, then little by little inches of light appear. Eventually the sun shows herself. Good answers take time to develop and often we have to face the dark before we get to see the glory of the light.

So, I’m here with you, I do not have all the answers, but I’m willing to face the dark and anticipate the hope of the dawning light.

And for what it matters, I believe healing is possible for everyone, no matter age, gender or situation – it is possible.

Love Always,

Anna Marie Smith


Anna’s education, certificates and experience

Registered Psychotherapist NLC.0109609

Master of Social Work East Carolina University - Greenville, NC Completed May 6, 2016

200 Hour Kunga Yoga Lifestyle Teacher Training Completed December 14, 2014

300 Hour Kunga Yoga Therapeutic Essentials Teacher Training Completed December 2018

Bachelor of Science, Social Work, Secondary Major Interdisciplinary Studies- Religious Studies Completed May 2011

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training with David Emerson April 2017 Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training with Hala Khouri February 2016

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training with David Emerson May 2015

Clinical Counseling Certificate / The Allender Center Fall 2013- Spring 2014

Leading as Executive Director/President and Co-Founder of Restore One 7 years