Our Story

Chris and Anna fell in love in high school after meeting at a church event called Rally in the Valley and they have been inseparable since. Spending the majority of life serving together, they learned early on that self-care and digging into adventure as much as possible is not a privilege but a necessity. Starting as youth pastors at the naive age of 18, they learned the hard knocks of working within a church setting and blessing of authentic community. Then shortly after beginning marriage, they co-founded Restore One, an international nonprofit that opened the first long term care safe home for sexually trafficked boys. With God’s grace and favor they built The Anchor House, a $700,000 debt free, opening the first long-term care safe home for boys and well as co-producing Boys Documentary.

Pioneering the work of Restore One brought the awareness of their own stories, profound places of brokenness and abuse. As they witness God restore of the life’s of men and boys, they witness their own healing and deep grace in each season of renewal. After 6 years leading Restore One, the tides shifted as God invited them to take a much needed sabbatical.

As this season of rest approached they moved to Colorado. The move was spurred on by desire and blessing as they felt God’s grace and permission for change.

Both were unsure of what God had next, but that summer they soaked in the joy of their daughter Asha and warm rays of the mountain sun. Chris and Anna learned that God often speaks to us in season’s of rest and rejuvenation, and was grateful to hear his voice on what was next. While still very involved with Restore One, Chris and I decided it was time to say yes to God’s succeeding venture.

Hope Bound Collective is a curation of Chris and Anna’s desire to live life with intention, adventure, and hope. They’ve learned that the salt of life is, living from the heart in connection with the Trinity. Born out of their multiple burnouts, their own story work and over a decade of experience in ministry their offerings at Hope Bound Collective are a unique blend of services including coaching, trauma-informed yoga, and retreats.