My journey to the chair across from you is one of much brokenness and grief. I began my own healing path in 2012 when I could no longer overlook the neglect, sexual abuse, and exploitation that stole much of my childhood and plagued my adulthood. On the heels of starting Restore One, a ministry that directly addresses the sexual trafficking of boys and men, I found my own story of heartache upturned by the very people I served. I was triggered, empty and at a loss of who I was or how to navigate my experience. The tipping point for me came after a series of relationships that ended in sabotage, that left me desperate to process my past in hopes to find a rich and beautiful future.

I spent many years in the chair across from a kind and seeing therapist, during those years I also began to take yoga classes. Through my personal experience and training that I found a mix of talking through the trauma and abuse while moving in a way that cared for my body was helpful. The combination of yoga and counseling open up pathways of healing cognitively, emotionally and physically. This avenue of healing allowed me to come back home to my body, integrating body, mind, soul, and spirit.

My approach to counseling is that we are our one minds, body, soul, and spirit - all within us is connected - we are one. Becoming reconnected is the process of returning to your whole self, back home to who we are designed to be. Although we cannot erase the harm done to us, we can reclaim and reconnect back to our original sense of self. Counseling is a process of coming back home to you.

I am a fan of allowing you to guide our processes of coming home to you. My approach to therapy is an embodied, interpersonal and narrative (story) focused. I am so aware that by even reading this, I am inviting you into a bold ask and a big risk. And wow a rich journey to enter into your story in hopes to find your way back home. I'd be honored to meet you, sit with you and talk with you.

“Of ambiguity. Of the mystery of life. It means feeling and not numbing out. To leave behind the world you have known and to venture inward is to find out whether you are really alive and is by definition painful and lonely. But here loneliness turns to aloneness. The natural healing begins and the fruitless depression is on its way to being dispelled. For God is at home. It is only we who have gone out for a walk.”
— Gertrud Mueller Nelson
“never feel guilty for starting again”
— rupi kaur
“look down at your body
there is no home like you”
— rupi kaur